Film Mama | A Film Blog Circle

Once again, I'm attempting a blog circle. It's a great idea until I'm downloading scans at 11:30 the night before the circle is supposed to be published. But this is a film blog circle with Film Mama, a forum for film photographers of all levels where you can learn to shoot and be inspired by film. 

For this first month with Film Mama, I shot Tri-X 400. It's been five years since I shot black and white film. And I ruined a couple of rolls trying to remember how to do it. I used to love it. I still love it! It has a rich tonal range—everything from pure white to pure black with all the shades of gray in the middle. But when I learned how to shoot color film properly, that's when I really fell in love with film. I've shot color ever since and I haven't looked back. Until now. 

This roll was shot through my dad's 35mm Canon A-1. It's a fun little camera to shoot. Like most of my other film cameras, it's all manual focusing. But with its bright viewfinder and fast focusing ring, I can easily keep up with these guys.

Canon A-1 | Tri-X 400 | The FIND Lab

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